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Bob Burns

The Swan

The Swan is a process of having direct access to the unconscious while the client is aware and able to watch what is going on.

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Gut Directed Hypnosis Certification

Speciality Hypnosis Training

Gut Directed Hypnotherapy Certification

Comprehensive 650hr Training done with a mix of

self-paced learning and online live practicums.

Justine Lette

Emotional Release Weight loss Protocol

A five week weight loss protocol focusing on nervous system regulation, listening to your body and includes Golden Thread Rapid Technique for Shifting experiences causing the body to hold weight.

This is for a practicing hypnotherapist to add to their practice and has the option for using a Virtual Gastric Band Metaphor or tummy tightening.

Includes an app with a learning centre, scripts and information, one on one 2 hour learning session with Justine on zoom and can join in group workshops when they run.

The weight loss package in NZ sells from $990 to $1200 and can also be made into a recorded program.

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