Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Trauma Informed Training

Includes The Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute Certification

Advanced & Latest

Hypnotherapy Techniques

Trauma Informed


Business Startup

Support & Education


Payment plans available.

Advanced forward focused hypnotherapy

& trauma informed techniques.

The Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy is a comprehensive 650hr Training done with a blend of self-paced learning and online live practicums.

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

The Diploma includes:

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

The Dave Elman Hypnosis Certification

The Golden Thread Trauma Transformation Technique - Memory Reconsolidation

The Swan Technique - Bob Burns

Business startup support - passive income training

Endorsed by:

Hypnosis New Zealand

Clinical Hypnosis Australia

ICBCH - Hypnosis Certification Board of Coaches and Therapists (America)

The Diploma offers different areas of study:

Theory of Hypnosis, the Workings of the mind & Imagination.

Working with altered states : inductions, hypnotic language, metaphors, future focused change, conversational hypnosis.

Working with a variety of topics including weight loss, sleep, feeling anxiety, pain, confidence, sports, teenagers and more.

Trauma Informed techniques including The Golden Thread Rapid Technique - Memory reconsolidation

Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute Certification

Deep dive into client safety, rapport building, listening skills, best practises, therapist safety, when to refer.

Positive analytical hypnotherapy techniques - positive regression - finding lost objects - inner-child work.

Techniques such as: control room, parts therapy, fork in the road and more.

NLP basics

The nervous System, breathing and biology.

Brain Basics - Parts of the brain and behaviour.

Business support - including creating a passive income stream using products and recordings.

The basics of Social Media and being Seen.

3 months free membership into Modern Mentoring - Where to go following the Diploma.

Diploma of

Clinical Hypnotherapy


Golden Thread Trauma Techniques

Dave Elman Hypnosis Certificate

Modern Hypnotherapy and toolbox of techniques

Positive Analytical Hypnotherapy

Weekly zoom mentoring sessions for 1 year

Endorsed by the ICBCH

The training comes with a year of weekly ongoing mentoring sessions held via zoom either at 9am or 5:30pm Thursdays NZT.

The goal of this Diploma is to create a solid foundation of understanding on what hypnosis is, perception, and how to work in a client centred way without the need for pre-planning or scripts. The practicums are very hands on with many hypnosis/hypnotherapy experiences from the first day.

The practicums are held online via zoom, with a 5 day module followed by a 3 day follow up.

You can attend these as many times as you like (every time you will pick up different things and the practice is great).

There is no time frame to when the Diploma needs to be finished, some choose to get stuck in straight away as they are wanting a career change and some choose to work at a slower pace in their own time. Either way is perfectly fine.

The Diploma is completed once the training practicum days have been attended and the required assessments and sessions are done.

Included in the Diploma is a Training Manual, Tools Manual, an app for your phone to support your sessions, an online learning portal and student chat group.

Cost: $3995 if paid upfront

Payment Plan: $450 deposit and $50pw - total cost $4250.

Once deposit is received, access to the materials is given and the course can be started. (refunds are not given once access is given)

The next 5 day practicum starts: June 17 - 22th via zoom

Our Diploma is designed to create client centred hypnotherapists.

  • Additional 12 months of weekly 1hour group zoom support sessions (optional)
  • 120 hour in class time (can be attended over twice over 12 months)
  • 650 overall study hours with assignment, case studies and online learning portal.
  • Online portal with all class work
  • App for your phone with Inductions and Concepts for practice
  • Theory of Hypnosis and Imagination - Latest information
  • Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy theory and practice
  • The Golden Thread Trauma Informed Day 1 training, practice and theory
  • Inductions and working with an altered state
  • The Dave Elman Induction plus full Level 1 Certification.
  • Visualisations, affirmations & suggestions
  • Writing effective scripts (for recordings)
  • Rapport building, interviewing & communication skills
  • How to run a successful hypnotherapy session
  • Nervous system Regulation
  • Working and recognising chronic stress and overwhelm
  • Grounding and soothing techniques for clients including EFT
  • NLP Basics
  • Creating hypnotherapy recordings for clients and passive income.
  • Running successful sessions online using zoom
  • Setting up and operating a successful Hypnotherapy Clinic
  • Business Basics - Hypnotherapy
  • Professional ethics and legal responsibilities
  • Common client issues: habits, phobias, weight, smoking, etc.
  • Positive Regression
  • Using Ideomotor responses
  • Therapist health and safety
  • Scope of practice
  • HNZ Training Manual
  • Elman Institute Training Manual
  • 3 months free access to Modern Mentoring

To complete the Diploma, the 9 days of practicum must be attended and the required assessments and case studies. Some do this quicker than others, so the amount of time it takes varies student to student. The 12 month additional free Zoom weekly sessions, are supervision and support to help our students succeed.

What are the benefits of our Diploma Training?

  2. IMMEDIATE ENROLMENT with payment plan options available
  3. Attend the -6 day live or live online practicum- plus the follow up -3 day level 2 practicum- twice over 12 months (the second time is optional)
  4. 12 months of free weekly zooms Thursday available for training and mentoring. Justine is committed to seeing students succeed.
  5. Join a online large supportive community with Guest Zooms and a library of over 70 recordings from people around the world chatting and sharing information
  6. HNZ Diploma App for your phone with easy access to Inductions and session guides.
  7. Business and Social Media support while creating your business
  8. Presented by Internationally Recognised Hypnotherapy Trainer JUSTINE LETTE
  9. Trauma Informed approaches to hypnotherapy - Golden Thread Training Day 1

Justine Lette

Trauma Informed

Meet your trainer

Justine Lette is an International Hypnotherapy Trainer and Speaker specialising in Trauma informed practices based in Rotorua NZ.

Justine is the NZ & Australian trainer for The Simpson Protocol,

Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute and Bob Burns - The Swan Technique. Justines trainings are offered here and also is used in mental health organisations around NZ.

Justines private clinic, Thoughtworx Hypnotherapy is based in Rotorua.

Justine is known internationally to be informative, fun, supportive and openminded. What you see is what you get.

If you would like to find out more about Justine click below - it will go to her website.

Clinical Hypnosis Australia

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