The Simpson Protocol

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Advanced Hypnosis

Using Superconscious

Holistic approach

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The Simpson Protocol

Advanced Hypnosis Protocol that can be used on any issue with your client. Suitable for the absolute beginner to an advanced hypnotherapist. This process is for the openminded practitioner using the concept of Superconscious and altered states.

Using the power of Superconscious Mind for Profound Change

(need an open mind for this one :)

Advanced Hypnosis Protocol accessing ASCs (altered states of consciousness)


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One on one and group tuition available on zoom with Justine Lette

Access to the worldwide Chat Forum with all SP Instructors.

Lifetime access to Ines Simpson All Access Learning Materials

3 Months Mentoring/Certification Program

Forget everything you know about hypnosis!

This is not your typical Hypnosis program. The Simpson Protocol is a revolutionary new way to tap into the power of your Super-Conscious Mind.

The Simpson Protocol is for you if you want to:

Work with deeper levels of hypnosis to get faster and better results for your clients.

Work with a part of the mind that has all the answers which takes the onus off you to get your client results.

Get to the core of the issue easily and create transformation in all levels of the being

Enjoy your sessions and finish feeling energised so you help more people

Enjoy more open minded clients that are looking for real change

The Simpson Protocol is a sure fire way to help clients get what they want out of life, whether they are looking for Success in their business, better relationships, health, weight loss, spiritual development. This process can be used for anything.

The magic happens through connecting to the powerful Super-Conscious mind, an all knowing part of us . This allows the transformation to be holistic, profound and long lasting.

Importantly, this protocol takes the conscious mind out of the equation and allows the client's own higher mind to perform the investigation and the change work from within. This is a much purer means of bringing about an accurate and correct change for an issue with each client and is client-centered, empowering the client.

Using deep hypnosis to allow the clients conscious mind to move out of the way.

Works with the Clients Super-Conscious Mind, where work seems to be done much faster and more effectively.

The Therapist does not need to know the issue, not even prior to starting.

Simpson Protocol also uses Surrogacy for children, animals or a person that can not be worked with.

Suitable for the absolute beginner to the advanced hypnotherapist. No experience needed.

Thursday mentoring group sessions free for 1 year on a Thursday 9am or 5:30pm nzt


Immediate start with access to the Simpson Protocol App and materials

Work with Justine online - this is set up with you at a time that suits and other students are welcome to join.

Payment plan

$450 deposit

$50 per week for 44 weeks

(total of $2650)

Justine Lette Simpson Protocol

Trauma Informed

Meet your trainer

Justine Lette is the New Zealand and Australian trainer for the Simpson Protocol. Justine has a passion for working with altered states and the Simpson Protocol is a favourite.

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