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Work on the Implicit Memories Stored within the Nervous System.

In moments of perceived Trauma, an imprint (procedural memory) of the event can be stored within the nervous system. These can cause problems in the future which sometimes can be quite confusing for the client, as they are not sure why they are doing what they are doing. We use Memory reconsolidation - trigger the memory and give a new experience releasing the memory and energy of the event.

There is no need to re-experience any trauma or past negative experience.

This technique is safe and does not need the client to re experience any trauma of event. It works solely on the sensation coming up in the body. I also teach a technique that helps the client understand how the past influences them now and techniques to use at home.

Whats different?

Using memory reconsolidation to release the energy of past experiences. Because of this, all we need is a trigger not the whole story. We focus on what is happening in the clients life now, which of course triggers past experiences during the initial chat.

What is different about this technique, is that it is done during the interview part of the session or when the client is talking.

The Golden Thread Trauma Transformation Protocol releases the Nervous System response and patterns of behaviour attached to trauma stored within the body.

We do this in a safe way, so the client doesn't have to re-experience any trauma.

This protocol may the be the missing link you have been looking for!

This process is done during the interview to shift any sensations that are stopping your client from moving forward.

A cutting edge protocol blended in neuroscience, memory reconsolidation and imagination.

The Golden Thread Technique is also taught as Part of HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Golden thread training includes:

Live-online Training

One to One online training available via zoom (roughly 3 hours), then can join also with the HNZ Advanced students as they learn over 2 days online.

Group Zoom mentoring available for 12 months (Thursdays 9am or 5:30pm NZT calls after the training to support your learning and answer any questions.

Exclusive App

Have the materials and recorded training replays in the Golden Thread Trauma Transformation mobile app

Cost: $990 if paid upfront

Payment Plan: $300 deposit and 15 payments of $50pw - total cost $1050.

Once deposit is received, access to the materials is given and the course can be started. (refunds are not given once access is given)

Justine Lette Golden Thread

Trauma Informed

Meet your trainer

Justine Lette is an International Hypnotherapy Trainer and Speaker specialising in Trauma informed practices based in Rotorua NZ.

Justine is the NZ & Australian trainer for The Simpson Protocol,

Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute and Bob Burns - The Swan Technique. Justines trainings are offered here and also is used in mental health organisations around NZ.

Justines private clinic, Thoughtworx Hypnotherapy is based in Rotorua.

If you would like to find out more about Justine click below - it will go to her website.

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